Business & Law

  • Justice Revius Ortique, '46 - 1st African American Louisiana Supreme Court Justice

  • Judge Tracie Todd, '01 - Youngest sitting judge in the Birmingham Municipal Court System

  • Rose Hudson, '86 – CEO & President of The Louisiana Lottery

  • Robert Collins, '51 – 1st African American appointed as a federal judge in the Deep South

  • Joyce Roche, '70 – 1st African American Woman President of Dillard University Board of Trustees; Former President & CEO of Girls, Inc.; Former Vice President of Avon; Former President of Carson Products Company

  • Dorothy Perrault, '60 – Owner of Perrault Fitness Center, Perrault Kiddy Kollege, Classic "Catering" Inc, The Fashion Korner, and Perrault Plaza the 1st minority owned million dollar business complex in New Orleans

  • Judge Carl Stewart, '71 – Judge of U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Ruth Carter, '82 - District Court Judge of the 36th District


  • Dr. Ruth Simmons, '67 – Former President of Brown University; Former President of Smith College; 1st African American President of an ivy league institution

  • Fannie C. Williams, '04 – Educator; Pioneer in establishing nursery and kindergarten schools for African American children; Served as the 1st African American woman on the Dillard University board of trustees from 1936-1960; Williams Hall is named in her honor on the campus of Dillard University

  • Dr. Millie Charles, '43 - Former Dean & Founder of the Southern University at New Orleans School of Social Work

  • Dr. Ida L. Jackson - 1st African American to teach in the Oakland Public School;, One of the 1st certified African American high school teachers in California; Former Dean of Women at Tuskegee University; Former National President of Alpha Kappa Alpha; Created the Mississippi Health Project, the 1st mobile health care clinic system in the United States in the 1930's

  • Dr. Rudolph Moses - Original faculty member of Dillard University; Former Dean of Dillard University; The 1st and only alumnus to lead the university in its history as "Dean In Charge" in 1940

  • Dr. Barbara G. Thompson, '57 & Pearlie Elloie, '60 - Integrated the graduate school program at Tulane University

  • Dr. Geneva H. Southall, '45 - Educator; Activist, Author; Musician; 1st woman Ph.D. in Piano Performance and music literature at the University of Iowa; Renowned expert on Blind Tom

  • Dr. Dorris Hicks, '62 - Principal & CEO of the Martin Luther King Charter School for Science & Technology (the 1st school to open in the 9th ward after Hurricane Katrina's destruction of the city of New Orleans)

  • Matthew S Davage, 1904 - Former President of Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Dr. Harold W. Lundy, '71 - Served as the fourth President of Grambling University

  • Dr. Joseph N. Gayles, Jr., '58 - Former President of Talladega College

  • Dr. William Sutton '53 - Former President of Mississippi Valley State College

  • Dr. John W. E. Bowen, Sr., 1878 - 1st African American to receive a Ph. D. at Boston University;, 1st African American President of Gammon Theological Seminary

  • Dr. Matthew W. Dogan, Sr – Former President of Wiley College

  • Thomas DeSaille Tucker – 1st President of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University


  • Bishop Alfred Norris, '60 - United Methodist Bishop; Former president of Gammon Theological Seminary

  • Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood, '70 - Senior Pastor of Saint Paul Community Baptist Church

  • Bishop Alexander P. Camphor - Missionary; Educator; Author; Former President of the College of West Africa; United States Vice Consul for Liberia; Eespected church leader; Camphor Hall is named in his honor

  • Bishop Robert E. Jones, '18 - Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church; Founding trustee of Dillard University

  • Rev. Alfred Lawless, 1902 - Founding Pastor of Beecher Memorial; Lawless Memorial Chapel on Dillard University's campus is named in both his and his son's honor

  • Rev. Henderson H. Dunn - Former Pastor of the Central Congregational Church; 1st chaplain of the DU National Alumni Association; Founded the HUME Center, one of the oldest day care centers in the city of New Orleans

Art/ Entertainment/ Communications

  • Garrett Morris, '58 - Actor; Comedian (original cast member of Saturday Night Live)

  • Alice Dunbar Nelson, 1892 - Poet, Writer, Activist (Mother of the Harlem Renaissance)

  • Ellis Marsalis, '55 - Accomplished Jazz Musician; Former Director of Jazz Studies Program at UNO; Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in the lower 9th ward is named in his honor

  • Jericho Brown (formerly Nelson Demery), '98 - Award winning poet; Author, Professor

  • Brenda Marie Osbey, '78 - Poet Laureate of Louisiana

  • Beah Richards, '48 - Actress; Poet; Author; Playwright

  • Harold Battiste, Jr., '55 - Jazz musician; Composer; Writer; Music arranger

  • Gray D. Hall, '01 - Emmy award winning journalist

  • Gilbert Fletcher, '70 - Renowned artist, famous for his portrayal of New Orleans culture & architecture

Science & Health

  • Dr. John Ruffin, '65 – Director of the National Center on Minority Health & Health Disparities

  • Dr. Mitchell Spellman, '40 - Dean Emeritus & Professor Emeritus of Harvard Medical School; Founding Dean of the Charles Drew Medical School in Los Angeles

  • Dr. Dorothy J. Perrault '60 - 1st African American register nurse at Sara Mayo Hospital in New Orleans; 1st black RN promoted to G.N. IV Supervisor and outpatient supervisor at Charity Hospital; Owner of Perrault Plaza, New Orleans' 1st minority owned million dollar business complex

  • Dr. Karen Drake, '79 - Perinatologist, Iowa Methodist Medical Center

  • Dr. Rivers Frederick, 1897 - Physician; Chief of surgery at Flint Goodridge Hospital from 1904-1953; Civic leader

  • Viola J. Reed Jefferson, '24 and Jose McKay, '24 - Graduates of Flint-Goodridge Nursing School; 1st African American nurses hired at Charity Hospital of New Orleans

  • Emma Wakefield, 1899 - 1st African American woman to graduate from Flint Medical College with an M.D. degree in Louisiana

  • Dr. Anthony J. Hackett, Jr., '41 – Physician; Businessman; 1st black person admitted to the Orleans Parish Medical Society; 1st DU Alumnus to chair the DU Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Samuel Biggers, '56 - Neurological surgeon; 1st black examiner of the American Board of Neurological Surgery; Vice Chair and professor at Charles Drew Medical School, Los Angeles

  • James W. Ames, 1882 - Founder of the Dunbar Hospital, the 1st black hospital in Detroit

Civic Service

  • P. B. S. Pinchback - 1st African American to serve as governor of a state (Louisiana) in the United States

  • Mattelia B. Grays, '52 - 18th International President of Alpha Kappa Alph;, Educator; Former District Three Superintendent of Houston Independent School District

  • Louis A. Martinet, 1876 - Founding member of the Comite Des Citoyens or Citizen Committee in New Orleans, which sponsored the famous Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court Case; Member of the 1st class from Straight University Law School

  • Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, '76 - National President of Delta Sigma Theta; Educator; Orator

  • Mark Tillman, '85 - 34th General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Athletic Achievement

  • Billy Ray Hobley, '77 - Former Harlem Globetrotter; Former Head Basketball Coach for Dillard University

  • George Johnson, '70 - Former Professional Basketball player in the NBA

  • David Malarcher - Negro Leagues Baseball champion & coach

  • Alfredo Ott, '05 - Professional European Basketball player

  • Ariel "Mighty" Mitchell, '12 - Harlem Globetrotter